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NNA Shuts Down the Electronic Notary Seal (ENS-TM) Program

In a move that some American Notaries are calling surprising, their largest member association recently shut down their ENS program.

eNotaries public were notified by the National Notary Association that their digital certificates would no longer be valid as of December 15, 2009.

The NNA is in the process of arranging refunds to the eNotaries who purchased the de-activated seals, but is expected to continue selling the Electronic Notary Journal (ENJOA-TM) product for electronic storage of notary journal entries.

No prominent mention of the change is made in widely distributed the National Notary Association’s December eNewsletter, National Notary Now Edition 136.

taries interested in the ongoing evolution of eNotarization can get some insight from the NNA published eNotary whitepaper dated December 11, 2009 entitled:

 "The NNA and Electronic Notarization" (click to view/print)

The following is an excerpt from that paper:

“The NNA’s ENS proved to be a pioneering tool, allowing many Notaries to gain practical experience in performing electronic acts and providing a platform for the NNA to advocate principles designed to make electronic notarizations secure.

After nearly a decade of advocating for secure eNotarization, we have achieved the broad acceptance and understanding that the Notary’s electronic signature must reliably confirm the Notary’s identity and authority to perform electronic acts and ensure the informational integrity of the signed document.

Now, with electronic Notary signature products available from technology companies that appropriately reflect these sound notarial principles and best practices for affixing an electronic signature, we can direct the Notary community to these competent technology providers.

Having introduced and championed eNotarization standards for nearly a decade, it is our objective to guide and inform industry, government and the legal community on proper notarial practices and procedures. The newly revised Model Notary Act of 2010 will be an indispensable tool toward that purpose.”

Interviewed notaries have told us the NNA is currently Not Referring any vendors when asked:

"Where can I obtain an electronic notary seal for use in my state?"

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